Booking Agent at The Bullitt Agency

With a current position at one of the upper talent agencies in the electronic music industry worldwide, Matthias Parmentier has been interested since his early ages in event direction and crate-digging. Never actually studied music himself, he’s found his vent in introducing new musical pearls to share with his family. 

At the age of 17, Matthias left his home ground in Bruges (Belgium) to launch his university career in Ghent, which he completed in Brussels, obtaining an MSc in Applied Economics. Through his education, Matthias acquired certain skills, he would later use vigorously in his career as a talent agent. After assembling several underground basement parties during his university career, he soon realized he wanted to combine his knowledge in Economics with his passion for the music-scene, and moved to Barcelona where the underground electronic music industry had been immersed for quite some years.

Shortly after, he was selected for an internship at The Bullitt Agency, where he has since then been working in a wide range of fields such as accounting, operations, contracting and agent coordination, while in parallel has been modeling the business strategy of the office in Barcelona. 

Moreover, he’s representing a wide roster that includes several top international artists such as: Audiofly, Carlo Lio, James Zabiela, Pleasurekraft, Nick Monaco to name a few, while curating various showcases i.e. Flying Circus. His eye for detail and ability to interpret the market enabled him to work with even more prolific artists such as Dubfire, Kenny Dope, Art Department and Danny Tenaglia. 


Matthias will bring his commercial-orientated vision to Pitch Control and introduce us to the power of brands and how to use this in the music industry. He’ll share his experiences to describe an efficient path in an artist’s career, concerning when and how to work with agents and managers. The last part will be dedicated to a perspective of handling your career as a professional business and a “costumer experience”.

  • The power of brands/showcases
  • Agents and Managers: when is the right time to get one or both
  • Your career as a business and “customer experience”

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