A new program that invites 10 DJs and producers to explore in a new learning environment and meet key people from the industry that will offer the right guidance to boost up their careers. Explore the mixing, music production and self-management in a 5 day memorable experience.
A&R Manager and Record Label Owner
Artist Manager

The mixing sessions are focused on guidance regarding the technical side and creative side of crafting DJ sets, with rooms being equipped with the latest dj gear.

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The studio sessions are all about music production, from creating tracks from scratch, to finishing your own, in a dedicated in-house studio.

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The business sessions will provide professional guidance regarding music and image promotion, for Social Media platforms, booking agencies, label and online community.

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PANEL 1How to find booking agents or let them find you: a mix between music and Social Media promotion.
PANEL 2Behind Bookings: what happens inside the booking agency.
PANEL 3How to perform at booked events

Benedict Windelband

Booking Manager & Agency Founder
PANEL 1Where your DJ career really begins
PANEL 2What it really takes to be a full artist nowadays
PANEL 3Chasing success vs. making music and playing for the people


DJ & Producer
PANEL 1Production advise from the A&R perspective
PANEL 2How to prepare your demos and find a label
PANEL 3The music business - an ever changing industry
PANEL 1Why is management important for an artist
PANEL 2What are promoters looking for in an artist
PANEL 3Why the right manager can get you to the right promoter

Register now in order to have the chance to get a spot in the Pitch Control program. Registration ends on the 15th of April.

€ 799
Includes: Meet & Greet Dinner 1 x Night accommodation at 4* Hotel in Bucharest Transportation from Bucharest to Atra, Doftana 4 x Full days accommodation in Atra, Doftana 3 x Meals per day during the entire stay Daily dinner open bar Access to all panels mentioned in the schedule Rooms equipped with full DJ setup Music production studio access Transportation from Atra, Doftana to Bucharest

* The selection will be made between February 15th and April 23rd The 10 participants will be announced on the 30 of April.

No registration fee, no credit card requierd.

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