Founder and director at Circulate; Manager of Matador & La Fleur

David De Valera is the founder and director of the creative digital marketing agency Circulate and Spike Music Management. He has over 15 years experience in the music business and his multiple roles have helped him to gather precious information about how can you make yourself heard. Working with artists like Seth Troxler and Black Coffee and big events such as Circoloco has made him think more about what it means to be an international brand. De Valera is the current manager of Matador, La Fleur, and Pig&Dan as part of his management agency.

His creative agency is based on the principle that music brings people together, but he knows that this is just a stop for the musicians. From talent buyer and promoter to then move on and develop the worldwide marketing strategy for Faithless’s 20th-anniversary album, 

De Valera will guide you how to choose the right road in the industry, which route should you take with you and how to read it and what skills are necessary when it comes to navigating your career between gigs.


He’ll tell us all the insides from an agent’s point of view about how to create a brand from something that we all have: a story. In order to do this, social media plays a huge role that David will cover also because the role is different from genre to genre. The last but not least topic is about the politics of dancing and how to navigate the electronic music landscape. Sounds cool, huh?

  • How to create a brand
  • The role of social media and what part it plays in defining popular genres
  • The politics of dancing and how to navigate the landscape

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