Our business sessions will be dedicated to a spectrum of steps that can help you better understand what it takes to be an artist nowadays: from promoting your music, to image and Social Media, from booking agencies, to labels and gigs, you will get to find out what decisions you should make and what you need to do it in order to get where you want and belong as an artist.

Our guests will tell you all about their experiences, what they are looking for in an artist and, depending on your sounds, objectives and personality, they will advise you on your next moves.

  • Get in touch with international guests that are working with emerging artists in the industry
  • Improve your Social Media image in order to get noticed by agents and labels
  • Be able to create a strategy through which you can best promote your music and identity
  • Improve your networking skills and think outside the common constrains
  • Discover what your objectives as an artist should be
  • Be able to differentiate yourself from other artists through your music and how you communicate with your community

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