A&R Manager and Record Label Owner

Ralf Kollmann formed Mobilee in partnership with Anja Schneider. Mobilee looks towards an integrated clubbing experience, bringing label management, booking, publishing, press and artist studios together under one roof, while placing an explicit primacy on developing and utilizing innovative modes of promotion for its artists. Since 2015 he has been an Executive Board Member of the AFEM (Association Of Electronic Music) representing the Rights Holders Section and pushing the Get Played Get Payed initiative which aims on changing the distribution of royalty fees by connecting track identification technology to the global system of Collecting Societies like GEMA, SACEM, PRS, etc.

In 2017 he also joined the Board of Bridges For Music - a non-prophet organization building an academy for music education and entrepreneurship in Langa / Capetown - South Africa.

Kollmann works tirelessly behind the scenes to hone the Mobilee sound, championing the label’s artists and unearthing the future-forward new talents. Unafraid to journey off the well-worn path, he continues to move the label and its ever-growing collective in dynamic directions.

As a guest of Pitch Control, Ralf Kollmann will keen on advises from an A&R perspective, on how artists can best prepare their demos and find a label. He will also discuss the initiative of Get Played Get Payed, regarding the financial issues that artists have in the industry, the revenue resources and the future of the industry and its artists.

  • Production advise from the A&R perspective
  • How to prepare your demos and find a label
  • The music business - an ever changing industry

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