Benedict Windelband

Booking Manager & Agency Founder

Back in 2013, Benni Wind was still a sales assistant who started to enjoy electronic music more and more, and his love for it grew when he started to travel around Europe to festivals like OFF Sonar, Sonus and Sunwaves. After getting to meet different people from the industry and just simply realizing that this is the path he would like to follow, so 3 years later, he co-founded BE9, a Mannheim music hub that promotes local labels, DJs and producers. Soon after that, he applied for a position as Booking Assistant, but giving his hard work and dedication, it didn’t take long until he landed his current job as Main Booker at Cocoon. 

Benni still travels from festival to festival, from party to party, supporting his artists from Cocoon and BE9, and always on the pursuit of meeting new people, learn something new and give the most amazing energy back. At 2,02 m he is easy to spot in the crowd as the guy who is always open to making connections.

As a guest of Pitch Control, Benni Wind is going to give the participants all insights regarding a booking agency that will help them prepare themselves as artists to find the right booking agent and get noticed by one. He will also advise on all aspects of the relationship between the DJ and his agent, as well as what are the values that he is looking for when searching for new DJs.

  • How to find booking agents or let them find you: a mix between music and Social Media promotion.
  • Behind Bookings: what happens inside the booking agency.
  • How to perform at booked events

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